Tracey GardinerCounselling and Psychotherapy in Islington

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Life changes and challenges come in different forms at different times in our lives. Therapy can help you manage the challenges and make the changes you want.

Therapy is a safe supportive space for you to:

  • pause and reflect and renew
  • explore your emotions, thoughts, behaviours
  • gain new insights and understanding
  • make positive changes, enhance your life and live more fully.

    People often choose to come to therapy because they are experiencing difficulties or distress in their lives. But you don't have to be in crisis to have therapy.

  • You might ...

  • be feeling overwhelmed, stuck, lost, anxious
  • be seeking balance and direction in your life
  • want to develop a better understanding of yourself
  • want to improve your relationships.

  • Through self-awareness comes the possibility of choice and change.

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